Dear Erica,
Is over five days still can’t find the exact words to express my love. Anytime I try to pin down my words all I see myself doing is shedding tears,I can’t explain that. After losing a senior sister last year(29yrs) I said to myself nobody will ever make me cry again not until u came with your organic smile to brighten my life. When ever you’re sad I will just have mood swings and won’t be able to eat,this began a norm even till now. I just want you to know that your story has motivated me not to give up no matter what.Sexy,classy,career driven, ambitious woman and still humble, your type is rare my dear. Please keep being you,and I also love how you pronounce the elite league in our igbo accent hahaha. Remain blessed Baby G
( Erica Nlewedim Ngozi Ugomma Blessing).
 From jessylaw