Dear Erica by Ongodi

I have always trusted my instincts in all I do.

I have never been one to be fierce with the stan culture of BBN, it is always just bants for me and that is it.

But something in my spirit clicked when I read about you on twitter, I just knew I had to stan you and stan hard. 

It was an exhilarating one because I always said, why now? Why her? But I trusted my instincts will never fail me, and it never did. 

Dear Erica,

In a world filled with pain and darkness … you are like the SUN BEAM that peaks through the clouds after a decade of rain.

In a world lived by selfish desires, governed by the vilest of humans, you are PRISTINE, one pure and true that helps us believe in the beauty of humanity.

In a world haunted by blight and pestilence, you are EVERGREEN and FULL OF LIFE. 

In a world fashioned by war and chaos, you are PEACE.

In a world haunted by demons, you are the EXORCIST.

In a world occupied by ‘messiahs’ you are the RELIGION. 

In a world built on deceit, you are the EARTHQUAKE that ravages the city to dust.

In a world made from hate, you are LOVE.

In a world where everyone wants to be someone else, you are YOU. 

Thank you for being your purest, happiest and ever sweet self. 

With love from an Elite for life – Ongodi