#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica, I’ve been an addict of the show for years so I was pretty sure with my veteran prowess there was a level of sucking in I could control, that coupled with the fact that I had a lot on my plate at the time. I honestly thought I had my neutrality game on top notch, well so I thought until you popped up in that white dress *in Kidd’s voice.

Yeah, Erica happened with vibrancy, genuity, warmth, energy and all that love and of course never to be forgotten smile. Your stories and experiences were quite relatable and I must say I loved how you were so in touch with your emotions. You are a whole ball of fun, charm and wit all wrapped in one. You took us through a tour on different countries with your outfits every single time, yup! Ozo told no lies when he made that comment, lol. You healed me in instances where you’d always push past hurt and maliciousness hovering around and still seek to make peace. Star girl, you have the purest of hearts. Your vibe at every Saturday night party is one of a most worthy mention because you set a bar every party night and managed to still lift every preceding Saturday. Of course, you wowed us with how well you could act and sing. I was like, is there anything she can’t do and it was at this point I knew this stanship was eternal and you were gonna pretty much be stuck with this fandom for keeps

Erica, you are a whole, whole package, I could go on but let’s not bore your pretty charming self any further. From my very core, I thank you for being a star feature in this season. Love Ej.