Lool sometimes I catch myself daydreaming of when I’ll meet you and all the five million things I’ll say to you.

I started loving up on you when I saw you with Kiddwaya. I thought both of you looked real cute together but overtime all I could focus on was you. I was so drawn to how easily you embraced your sexuality. Some call it promiscuous but I call it brave. I don’t think I can be that brave.

There’s something so special about you and term ‘stargirl’ is so apt because in a room full of people, your presence is the most felt.

I wish I could hug you. Hug you for two years straight. You did not deserve what you went through in the house. The bad energy, snide remarks, rumors and spite all directed at you. You’re so genuine and loving and open; you deserve only nice things.  I hope you get all the nice things this life has to offer.

Going forward, imma need you to protect your energy mama. You have friends and family in us elites so leverage on that. You’re no longer yearning or searching for it, we’re right here. Don’t let anything or anyone stain you’re white.

You’re amazing and you’re phenomenal. The best thing that has happened to the entertainment industry in a long while. The world will wait for you so take all the time you need to heal and recuperate.

I love you so much babygirl. Everything good will come to you. Stay happy. You’re always in my prayers.