Dear Erica,

You walked into BBNaija doors and your smile not only lit up the room but captured my heart immediately…you never lost my focus after that, I had about 4faves that night but by 3am you had pushed them off the list cause something told me you would be more than enough and I was right!! You are everything I always wished for in a fave; Real, honest, bubbly,Raw,brave,smart and confident mostly just like our bestie said you are simply ”Exceptional”. It almost feels crazy loving someone I’ve never met so deeply but that’s also the beauty of it cause it’s just evidence of how powerful your spirit and soul is,Thank you for gracing our screens. You’ve  become a huge part of my year, keep showing off your beautiful smile.I love you not only did you gain a fan but a sister that is willing to move mountains for you anyday anytime. Love Rele