#DearErica, Nigerian


My favorite girl,

In my head we are already friends, you’ll have to argue this with yourself. I liked to call you my spirit animal because we are alike in so many ways. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes because you are amazing. You lit up the screen even when you were down and it is so sweet how you do not recognize your power. I cannot possibly say everything I’d like to say to you in this note because it means I’d never stop writing. I want you to know that for everything you want to be in this life , you have all that it takes.

I can’t explain the way I feel about you because it’d be a pointless exercise but I can ask you to never forget that ;YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! And worthy of love and as long as you let me, I am going to remind you always. This website is our collective love letter to you and I hope that everytime you open it, your spirit is lifted. Keep shining Stargirl-With love from Adeola

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