#DearErica, Nigerian


To My Star Girl Erica

Thank you, Star Girl for giving me the privilege to watch your eyes sink into your sockets as you smile, watch you smile to yourself as you lay down to sleep, watch you light up the dance floor in front of the mirror, watch you eat chicken and bread and indomie, watch you excel in tasks and watch you be the STAR that you are. The joy that you bring is so palpable and unending. The energy that you exude brightens up the dampest mood. You are light, lighting up the room, lighting up our world. You are a Star, clothed in glory, radiance and power, shining even in the darkest night. You are a gift that keeps giving. You are a child of Grace, yes that’s who you are. The world is yours for the taking, Erica. You have my full and undivided Attention. I Love you, Always, Always. Love, Fehintola.