#DearErica, Nigerian


Heeey babygirl!!
I wish i could say this physically I mean who wouldn’t wish for such .. I’ll die there trying to make you laugh just to watch your beautiful smile and your eyes gradually disappearing(lol)
Gosh! Erica you are such a delight!(your smile alone deserves an Oscar..I mean it just lights up the place) I can’t emphasize this enough .. literally Most times I see you on my screen there’s a smile on my face and I really pray that thesame smile/happiness you put on millions of Elites faces Will be reciprocated back into your life! Already saying much… but I can’t skip my appreciation message to you StarGirl
I really want to say;
Thank you for showing us the bare you!
Thank you for teaching people how Loyalty works(our friendship go mad gan if I was there shaa lol)
Thank you for Teaching us to always enjoy the moment.
And This one: Thank you for showing us how to Rock the dance floor (smiles)
Most Importantly
Also,Thank you for coming into our life through the platform.
Babygirl That life you’ve always wanted has begun! It’s Time to “SHINE ALREADY STARGIRL” keep being the Amazing being you are and of course Keep Growing!
I’m more than Excited to embark on this beautiful journey with you! Love you.. I hope this puts a smile on your face! – Somina