#MyEliteJourney, #OneYearInLove


Dear Erica Nlewedim, on the 19th of July,2020, you stepped on that stage and stole many hearts. unfortunately for me, i didn’t get to meet you that night, i saw you days after. You were so bubbly and kind to everyone. You were the realest 🙌🏽. I found myself loving you more and more as each day passes. Even though it wasn’t in your best interest, you bared it all for the world. Even though you got judged, you got loved by millions of people who appreciated your realness❤️. You are beautiful, smart, talented, kind and the most amazing human being ever! You really made my 2020.
It’s a year later and I still love you even more than i did last year. My love for you increases everyday! You have made us so proud. You have turned the lemons into lemonades🥺. You have inspired a lot of us❤️. Coming online knowing you will get to see Erica Nlewedim is such an amazing feeling for most of us❤️. Thank you for coming into our lives, we are blessed to know you and love you. I promise to always be by your side riding and praying for you❤️. Cheers to many more years Erica Nlewedim ⭐️. Elites X Erica for life❤️. May God Almighty continue to guide you to the right path, bless you beyond your expectations and perfect all that concerns you.
Dear Erica, 100 years to go innit? Let’s do this !!!

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