#MyEliteJourney, #OneYearInLove


Dear Erica Nlewedim,

It’s me again, still loving you as much as I did when you entered the house, perhaps even a lot stronger now.

My friends didn’t understand the fuss about you then, but now I don’t even have to argue with them about your star power anymore.

You kept your word, you made us proud. I can confidently say it’s not about “she has so much potential” anymore, but “SHE’S IT!!!”. She’s what’s rocking Nollywood, she’s what’s shaking Nigeria, she’s what’s causing conversations on the continent, and she’s about to cause a global detonation, like the star she’s destined to be.

Keep being you, keep following your heart, keep being kind-hearted and sweet with a bit of spice, keep being the star that you are, I guess the world knows it has to adjust to the queen. 

Love you forever, you’re a reminder to chase my dreams when I get lazy, you’re a reminder to stay true to myself all the time, you’re a reminder that when opportunity meets preparation the world will watch in awe and we’ll only cry happy tears.

Love always,
Lisa W. 🥰❤️

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