Dear Erica Ngozi Ugonma Nlewedim,

It is impossible for a star to shine and not get noticed, even in the dark. Let your light shine as an inspiration to humanity and BE THE REASON someone believes in the goodness of people. You were born to shine; don’t ever let anyone steal your light because when stars shine, they bring forth the light in darkness. We want you to be that type of a star! We want you to be happy always! We want you to never feel down, alone or like you’re not good enough. Anytime you’re sad or you’re in a mood, we want you to open this blog & tap from our energies because while writing our “love notes” we were all happy, bubbly & full of positive energy. You have us (Elites), now & always.

We love you Star Girl,

Demilade (For Elites).

#DearErica, Nigerian


My favorite girl,

In my head we are already friends, you’ll have to argue this with yourself. I liked to call you my spirit animal because we are alike in so many ways. I wish you could see yourself through my eyes because you are amazing. You lit up the screen even when you were down and it is so sweet how you do not recognize your power. I cannot possibly say everything I’d like to say to you in this note because it means I’d never stop writing. I want you to know that for everything you want to be in this life , you have all that it takes.

I can’t explain the way I feel about you because it’d be a pointless exercise but I can ask you to never forget that ;YOU ARE ENOUGH!!! And worthy of love and as long as you let me, I am going to remind you always. This website is our collective love letter to you and I hope that everytime you open it, your spirit is lifted. Keep shining Stargirl-With love from Adeola

#DearErica, Nigerian


My Darling Star Girl Erica,

I remember how you captured me with your smile,
You lit up the house,
You were the life of the show,
The Queen of Saturday parties,
You rocked my world.
I’ve missed you so much,
But I’m happy you’ll be back in our faces soon.
Always remember, you’re a star and stars don’t struggle to shine.
Keep being the wonderful, sweet, loving, kind, talented, real and exceptional Erica we know.
You have my love, my support and my heart.
Love you, Baby G – Eki

#DearErica, Cameroonian


Erica Baddo Where do I start from? Is it your smile? Is it your beauty? Is it your kindness? Is it your sweetness? Is it your forgiving, generous and big heart? Is it your craziness or the ambitious, bold, bad and bougie self? Or is it the intelligence and talent that drew me to you? I don’t know but all I know is all of the above drew me to you and funny enough, I picked you before you got on stage and a decision has never felt so good and fulfilling. Thank you Erica for being such a light. Whatever you do, know you have an older sister and protector in me and i intend to protect you forever. I love you Star Girl, Love Santher

#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,

I fell in love with you from stage – Your beauty, your dress, your smile, your voice… The minute Ebuka said you should say with your chest what we should do to you if you don’t give us content and you said “I don’t know.. cry?!” sealed the deal for me & I knew that you were my IT girl immediately. The way I can relate to your every mood – every smile, every laughter and every vibe made days of watching you super duper amazing and entertaining. I see myself in you every single time. Ngozi, your smile, your confidence, your loyalty, your honesty & your party ginger are my top favorites. Super proud of the lady you are & the woman you are becoming. It was a pleasure watching you on screen and watching you steal my mom from me – I don’t mind though, I can share LOL. Wishing you the best as you embark on this amazing journey Star Girl.

Love you forever,


#DearErica, Nigerian


To My Star Girl Erica

Thank you, Star Girl for giving me the privilege to watch your eyes sink into your sockets as you smile, watch you smile to yourself as you lay down to sleep, watch you light up the dance floor in front of the mirror, watch you eat chicken and bread and indomie, watch you excel in tasks and watch you be the STAR that you are. The joy that you bring is so palpable and unending. The energy that you exude brightens up the dampest mood. You are light, lighting up the room, lighting up our world. You are a Star, clothed in glory, radiance and power, shining even in the darkest night. You are a gift that keeps giving. You are a child of Grace, yes that’s who you are. The world is yours for the taking, Erica. You have my full and undivided Attention. I Love you, Always, Always. Love, Fehintola.

#DearErica, Nigerian


You were right to say we’ve never seen anyone like you. You are one multitalented, multilayered ball of pleasant energy. I love how self-aware and confident you are. There’s a certain genuineness about you that keeps pulling people in. Your vulnerability and transparency are a couple of your biggest strengths. Do not harden your heart but learn to protect your space. Never be regretful. Learn from your mistakes and keep it moving. The only role the past should serve in your present is to prepare you for the future. The greatness God has deposited in you is overwhelmingly glaring. I pray we all witness you achieve self-actualization. From Zode.

#DearErica, Cameroonian


To The Love of My Life, Erica Nlewedim.

My darling, when I look at you I see strength, grace, favor, compassion, humility, glory, honor, ambition, hard work, dignity, royalty … just to name a few. Watching you has made become so much more of a better person, because I ask myself – how can someone this perfect still strive to become better? Erica watching you taught me so much. I am becoming a better person because of you. I can’t even say when I fell in love with you because I fell in love with you every single day, all it needed was just a look at your beautiful face or a just thought of you. As you go on to live your best life, I pray the grace of God will always speak for you. May his favor always speak for you. My darling, I want you to always know this, I love you so much and that will never change. This new family you have will move mountains for you. With each passing day, that should be all you should focus on. God got you, and we got you. I love you Erica, always and and forever-Fedora, Cameroon.

#DearErica, Nigerian


Heeey babygirl!!
I wish i could say this physically I mean who wouldn’t wish for such .. I’ll die there trying to make you laugh just to watch your beautiful smile and your eyes gradually disappearing(lol)
Gosh! Erica you are such a delight!(your smile alone deserves an Oscar..I mean it just lights up the place) I can’t emphasize this enough .. literally Most times I see you on my screen there’s a smile on my face and I really pray that thesame smile/happiness you put on millions of Elites faces Will be reciprocated back into your life! Already saying much… but I can’t skip my appreciation message to you StarGirl
I really want to say;
Thank you for showing us the bare you!
Thank you for teaching people how Loyalty works(our friendship go mad gan if I was there shaa lol)
Thank you for Teaching us to always enjoy the moment.
And This one: Thank you for showing us how to Rock the dance floor (smiles)
Most Importantly
Also,Thank you for coming into our life through the platform.
Babygirl That life you’ve always wanted has begun! It’s Time to “SHINE ALREADY STARGIRL” keep being the Amazing being you are and of course Keep Growing!
I’m more than Excited to embark on this beautiful journey with you! Love you.. I hope this puts a smile on your face! – Somina