#DearErica, Ghanaian, Nigerian


My baby, my heart, my star girl. I still haven’t been able to figure out how exactly you captured my heart, but you have it, completely, and I don’t even want it back. I love you so much that it baffles me. Seeing your smile on my screen for 49 days filled me with such joy and light that I will forever be grateful to you. For me, it’s always, always your tenderness, your softness, your pure, clean heart. I’ve always believed that being a hard guy was the surest way to protect myself, but you came and showed me the utter strength in vulnerability. You embody the power in radical softness. Where people would normally try to hide emotions in shame, you showed yours fully and said shame where? I love your total lack of inhibition and your dedication to enjoyment, you are a baby girl for life. I love that you are not nice (because niceness is a performative and hollow action), but you are incredibly kind. I love that you’re a clearing and forwarding agent, and you do it without malice.  I love your insane sex appeal, girl, nobody do pass you! I love that you have the most amazing, sexiest moan! I love your vibe, that your dancing face, how hype you get for every damn song! I love that you have no filter, I love that you have not one iota of shame in you, I love that you are brave, I love that you are so open and honest and raw. I never want you to change, to lose these parts of yourself, no matter what the future holds. I want you to conquer the world and still be the sweet, kind, bad bitch you are.

Know that I pray for you. Know that you have us the Elites, a family ready to do ANYTHING for you, just say the word. I pray that God’s blessings will constantly surround you. Oil dey your head my babe, and everything your hands touch will turn to gold. Greatness is in your future.

When I chose you, I said that I don’t stan nonsense, and you have never, not once, let me down. You changed my life, because radical softness is my way now. I carry your matter on my head. In my heart you are my sister, my love, and it will remain so till the last day. I love you my star girl, Erica Ngozi Nlewedim.

From Naaki, Ghana/Nigeria.

#DearErica, Ghanaian


Dear Erica,

You got me stuck to my tv like never before. Never met anyone with such qualities; multitalented, kind, caring, confident, self awareness & thank you for your vulnerability. It thought me to be ok being vulnerable. 

My mum loves you. She prays for you like you’re her own. 

Ngozi, WE LOVE YOU!! The world is not ready for you & we all are here to witness that. Take all the time you need to get yourself together & when you’re ready to step out, we will be here ready to support you all through.

Take care 

With Love,

Ama (Ghana).

#DearErica, Ghanaian


Dear Erica: I never believed in love at first sight until I saw you ❤️ I love you soo much Rica I feel sad when you are sad I cry when you cry I smile when you smile 😊 I have gone through a lot of trauma during your stay in BBN house😂 But I’m Proud to stan you Baby 🌟🌟 love you sooo Much Star girl. Please just be good and be happy for me… Also can’t wait to see you cuz I miss you 😘

#DearErica, Ghanaian


DearErica I loved you the moment I watched “Hire A Woman” before you entered BBN. You are young and beautiful🥰, Your smile is Heavenly✨. I’m impressed with you ,your amazing heart,how your mind works and especially how you love ❤️❤️. Keep smiling and winning 🥂💯 . Much love babygirl 😍😍😍 _____ Obaaku 🇬🇭

#DearErica, Ghanaian

Nana Afua

My dearest Baby G.

I fell in love with you the very first day I watched BBN. I saw some similarities in you so I chose you. I could totally relate to your upbringing, your wide and beautiful smile just like mine, highly emotional and very blunt and raw. I love the fact that you could love soo deeply and be so loyal to your loved ones. Cos I in the hand will rather avoid it entirely.
Also I like the fact that you liked clearing yourself through communication. Sometimes it might come off the wrong way but it is the best so don’t stop.
The only difference we had is that i surrendered my pain and fears to God and everything changed.
If you ask me your mistake was living your truth which was different from how people expected you to live.

My beautiful clearing agent, I’m so proud of you I think you did soo well and represented yourself well. May the good Lord bless you and grant you all that you wish for yourself and more. You deserve the very best.

I love you so much Erica and be happy always and keep that smile always.

#DearErica, Ghanaian


To my beautiful baby G, my star. You’re a blessing to this world,  Words cannot even express the love I’ve developed for you, Please never stop smiling, your smile encourages me everyday that there are indeed beautiful things in the world. I love you soo much for the strong, driven, ambitious, beautiful, ever smiling, powerful lady you are. The world cannot handle you because you’re sooo bright your place is up there. You inspire me. Keep being you, keep being strong. I want you to know that I am with you all the way. Will continue praying for you and above all I can’t wait to see you. I pray you come to Ghana, it’ll be a dream come true to see you. Keep shining my starrr. 

#DearErica, Ghanaian

Adjoa Penny

Dear Erica, 
As this life is unfair,  it isn’t easy being the best u can be! I wish that u overcome all distractions & the need for your peer acceptance. I pray u remain on your true course and God direct u to know your true purpose in life. I pray God strengthen u so that u don’t look for shortcuts that will lessen your good outcome in life. I pray u direct yourself to follow the action(s)  that will always make u proud in your eyes & people. I wish u don’t accept mediocrity, but forge straight ahead & accept your true potentials. Always remember u are special & You are the Star ⭐ Gal! Me Dor Wu Papa!  ️ 🇬🇭
With Lots Of Love From: Me, Myself & I, 
Adjoa Penny

#DearErica, Ghanaian


Dear Erica,

Taking time out of my super busy schedule to pen this down. In finding yourself and your passion to attain the greatness ure destined for, u found yourself in BBN. U went in there with your genuine self and your honest self. U saw and said every single thing that happened before they actually happened. I watched and heard almost everything, that’s how closely I followed the show till u left. U r not perfect! Yes! And so are we all. We r all not perfect but the difference is that, u took yourself out there and allowed your imperfections to be aired out there behind cameras, edited and judged again by imperfect human beings! That’s a strength so rare! As much as BBN is a game, some individual qualities cannot be hidden! Like your big good heart! From all I saw, even though I did not agree with a few actions, and u caused me heart break! I actually stayed up all night, that “Saturday” and even tried sending dms to ur handler.(I don’t know what I thought I was doing). Didn’t sleep all morning, was super scared and worried cos I knew what was coming later that Sunday. I wept sore, for almost 3 days (trust me! This is not me oooo…lol). I wished I had super powers.

But u know what? U have that super power! Look at you now? Pls and pls! It’s ok to be down sometimes but my dear, u carry that “halo” that “aura” that “glow” which is rare! Which is God ordained! Which no man can duplicate no matter how they try! It is God given! Strengthen your mind with all the help u need. U are definitely not a mistake! God brought u here for a greater purpose! U are neither alone! Only Child, yes! But for a reason. You get lonely sometimes, I know. But with time u will find that companion who will be there always aside God! All u wanted was some love and assurance from a few pple in the “house”. But you didn’t find it and it’s fine! U rather gave what u were trying to find out to others and didn’t get same back. And that’s also another “Super Power!”

Please take your time to heal! “Take your time but don’t waste time”. U are a “Star” ⭐️


. U know what a star is? You know what stars do? U are a whole lot in one Erica! Not everyone will be ok with that my love! And no it’s not your fault! It’s not a curse! It’s a blessing! “Super power!” U are self sufficient! And know that!!! You are a winner not even in any game but in real life! Adjust that crown and rule like how you are destined to! Let say BBN was the link to introduce us!!! And I am grateful!

I could write a while book, but let me leave this here. So you can read others. Will come back if I forgot to add some other important facts! Love love you! And stay blessed!

My Dear Erica!