#DearErica, Nigerian


Ugonma, I have watched you closely for the past 2months, and your beauty is skin deeep. You are authentic.
There is something I really wish you would think about. That luxury spa you want to do, please pursue it wholeheartedly, with all YOUR MIGHT. 
Your personality my darling, is soft, welcoming and ethereal- that exclusive spa might just be your calling. I can totally see you running a luxurious spa, with an elite clientèle (see what I did there ) and enjoying your life- all with that beautiful smile. 
Think about it my gorgeous girl. 

Love always, 


#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica, I’ve been an addict of the show for years so I was pretty sure with my veteran prowess there was a level of sucking in I could control, that coupled with the fact that I had a lot on my plate at the time. I honestly thought I had my neutrality game on top notch, well so I thought until you popped up in that white dress *in Kidd’s voice.

Yeah, Erica happened with vibrancy, genuity, warmth, energy and all that love and of course never to be forgotten smile. Your stories and experiences were quite relatable and I must say I loved how you were so in touch with your emotions. You are a whole ball of fun, charm and wit all wrapped in one. You took us through a tour on different countries with your outfits every single time, yup! Ozo told no lies when he made that comment, lol. You healed me in instances where you’d always push past hurt and maliciousness hovering around and still seek to make peace. Star girl, you have the purest of hearts. Your vibe at every Saturday night party is one of a most worthy mention because you set a bar every party night and managed to still lift every preceding Saturday. Of course, you wowed us with how well you could act and sing. I was like, is there anything she can’t do and it was at this point I knew this stanship was eternal and you were gonna pretty much be stuck with this fandom for keeps

Erica, you are a whole, whole package, I could go on but let’s not bore your pretty charming self any further. From my very core, I thank you for being a star feature in this season. Love Ej.

#DearErica, Nigerian


Hey Sis, I know you are doing well wherever you are. You are the strongest woman i know. The rate at which you give Loyalty and rate friendship reminds me of me. Someone asked me the other day Why do you Love Erica and i answered because Erica is Me. In you i found a place of belonging, I write this with tears in my Eyes. Erica Ngozi Ugoma Nlewedim, You do not know how much I love You. Everyone Around me calls me ERICA because of how much i Love you. You say you do not have a Sister, but now you have SISTERS, you say no Brother, but now you have BROTHERS. I won’t ask for permission to be your Sister, because the day i chose you, you became my Sister. So Dear Sister, I Love you so much and i know you will conquer the World. ERICA NGOZI UGOMA NLEWEDIM you are a blessing to Elites and  to the World. I Love You so Much Sister. Thank You for Giving Us YOU….♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐.
Ekong Queen Toyoimado Isong..

#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica,
I am writing this letter because I am naturally drawn to flawed personalities, because no one is perfect and our flaws truly makes us beautiful.
So I want you to know you are enough.
You are unique and loved just the way you are.
You are beautiful, strong, caring and resilient.
Your beautiful smile is a gift that warms the heart and brightens the darkest moments.
You are light….
Nothing can ever dim your light because you are a child of God, the Father of light.
Nations will celebrate your greatness and kings will come to the brightness of your rising in Jesus name.
Shine on Star Girl. We love you.

#DearErica, Nigerian


When we were young, we have been taught that life is fun and should be lived to the fullest – one that must be filled with happiness. But as we grow old, we learn that life is not always easy. It becomes a battlefield we have to endure to survive.

Some days, things do not happen the way you want them to be. They fall apart, and you start to worry. Worse, you feel discouraged and lonely, thinking that there is no other way to straighten things up.

It is okay not to feel okay.

Never apologize for being sensitive or emotional. Let this be a sign that you’ve got a big heart and aren’t afraid to let others see it. Showing your emotions is a sign of strength.

You’re allowed to scream, you’re allowed to cry, but do not give up.



lots of love,

MaryFrances —

#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica Love is the greatest virtue in life. The world is blaming you for falling in love because they don’t know that love lives In the heart. Now I have fallen in love with you and they are now laughing at me as well, but I don’t want a cure for loving you because of your flaws which I know you will learn from them.
Erica you infected me with the colours of your SMILES even when the going was so tough. You borrowed me your smile to be able to accept some certain fate and your smile gave me a reason to rewrite the history of  hate to a place of permanent LOVE. 
I love you so much From Queen Chidimma 

#DearErica, Nigerian


Dear Erica, first of all, I love you! You easily and truly have my whole heart. You are too beautiful, inside and outside, your soul is wholesomely pure and your desire to always be at peace with everyone around you and to seek love resonates so much with me which is one of the numerous reasons I easily became a fan. Please just know, your new family, the Elite league, is here to stay and to ride for you, all the way, through thick and thin. I love you Ugonma. Stay Healthy!

#DearErica, Nigerian


My dear Erica,
If I was given a chance to pick a fave again, I’ll pick you a million times. I can’t remember when exactly I fell in love, but I’m happy I did. Stanning you is undeniably one of my best decisions and I’m very proud of my choice.
There are a million things I can write about you, a million thoughts I have to express about you, a million words I have to say to you if given the chance and more than a million hugs I’ll love to give you.
I struggle to find the right words to express my thoughts and I’m yet to find it. I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s only one word to describe you and that’s INDESCRIBABLE.
Dear Star Girl Erica, I hope you’ve come to realise what a star you are and the magnitude of the power you possess. Your beauty and laughter lights up everything and everyone around you. Your presence brings peace and serenity. Your smile has the ability to melt even the strongest heart. Let me not even start on your Charm, Confidence, Charisma, Sexiness and Bubbly personality.
My prayers are with you always.I pray you experience joy like never before.I pray you excel above your expectations.I pray you find peace and happiness.I pray you never lose your smile.I pray you enjoy the best things because you deserve it all.
Erica Ngozi Ugomma Nlewedim, you’re a Queen, a Star (the brightest star), a Force that can never be brought down and I hope you know that.
Be happy and stay smiling always.Your biggest fan; Chidinma

#DearErica, Ghanaian, Nigerian


My baby, my heart, my star girl. I still haven’t been able to figure out how exactly you captured my heart, but you have it, completely, and I don’t even want it back. I love you so much that it baffles me. Seeing your smile on my screen for 49 days filled me with such joy and light that I will forever be grateful to you. For me, it’s always, always your tenderness, your softness, your pure, clean heart. I’ve always believed that being a hard guy was the surest way to protect myself, but you came and showed me the utter strength in vulnerability. You embody the power in radical softness. Where people would normally try to hide emotions in shame, you showed yours fully and said shame where? I love your total lack of inhibition and your dedication to enjoyment, you are a baby girl for life. I love that you are not nice (because niceness is a performative and hollow action), but you are incredibly kind. I love that you’re a clearing and forwarding agent, and you do it without malice.  I love your insane sex appeal, girl, nobody do pass you! I love that you have the most amazing, sexiest moan! I love your vibe, that your dancing face, how hype you get for every damn song! I love that you have no filter, I love that you have not one iota of shame in you, I love that you are brave, I love that you are so open and honest and raw. I never want you to change, to lose these parts of yourself, no matter what the future holds. I want you to conquer the world and still be the sweet, kind, bad bitch you are.

Know that I pray for you. Know that you have us the Elites, a family ready to do ANYTHING for you, just say the word. I pray that God’s blessings will constantly surround you. Oil dey your head my babe, and everything your hands touch will turn to gold. Greatness is in your future.

When I chose you, I said that I don’t stan nonsense, and you have never, not once, let me down. You changed my life, because radical softness is my way now. I carry your matter on my head. In my heart you are my sister, my love, and it will remain so till the last day. I love you my star girl, Erica Ngozi Nlewedim.

From Naaki, Ghana/Nigeria.